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5 days in 3 cities
€4000 Euros
3 days in 2 cities
€3000 Euros
1 day in 1 city
€2000 Euros

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interlink education expo 2013 in pakistan

Interlink Educational Services are UK base Educational Consultants. We are proud to start Education Exhibition with one of UK most professional and experienced educational Exhibitionist. "STUDY CENTRAL" is an established brand name in Educational Exhibitions worldwide.
Our Educational Exhibitions will be
sponsored by TOP UK organizations. Our Unique Services and top sponsorships from UK will attract students to attend our Educational Exhibition in large numbers.
Education Exhibition contributes to that goal by giving students and faculty members an international experience.
Education providers can use our Educational Exhibition to promote their institution, market their courses, and recruit students. It is an opportunity for education providers to establish their brand name as an attractive education destination.
Students interested in studying in the UK will participate in
one-on-one meetings with representatives of universities and colleges.
Students will have the benefit of referring to the profiles of participating
universities and colleges on the Interlink website at before meeting their representatives. I am sure with our services behind this event Students will feel safe and more confident to join Colleges and Universities around the Globe.

I am proud to create a family of professionals worldwide to make into a global village based on education regardless of their Country, their creed, their race, their religion, their culture and their Language.

Entry is free for all students.


We at Interlink provide a unique tailor made consultancy service. Since the UK hosts many Universities and colleges, it can become very frustrating for students to find the right course at the right university or College in the most cost effective way, therefore we can save students time, money and stress by taking the specific needs of the student and using our experience staff to find the best possible university/college for study.

“As an international student hoping to work in the worldwide market, it is a great advantage to study abroad.” subjects


A Level Students
ESOL Courses
HND Students for Level 4-5
With an extensive media campaign, E Marketing, Road holdings, Radio Talk shows, and visiting Colleges with holding seminars it is estimated that roughly 4000-5000 students will attend the event.


Your name will appear on our website.
Sponsors by UK top 10 companies
Our unique services and your name will bring students to our exhibition.
Universities can have free advert in our guidebook for students to remember them.
Every attendee will have a copy of our Guidebook.
50000 copies, distributed to students, and educational institutions.
Road holdings in each city where exhibition held.
Events will be advertised in highly circulated newspapers and magazines.
20-Roll-ups 80x200cm will be placed outside and inside the exhibition hall.
700x900cm background poster will position behind the exhibition stage.
60x40cm posters will be placed Within 50 local Schools and Colleges.
Bags, Badges, T-shirts, pens, etc.
Cable TV advertisement.
Radio adverts for young students.

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Reduced processing costs and effort in recruitment.
Better qualified and prepared pool of students to choose from.
Prevention of unauthorized representation of the universities.
International exposure through advertisements.
An enlargement of the marketplace for enrolling better-qualified students.
A substantial reduction of time and costs for recruiting students.
Interlink will provide test preparation training to students who plan to take tests such as IELTS.
Application forms, catalogues, test forms, etc., will be distributed to students in a prompt manner.
Interlink will remain in constant communication with the universities until the students get admission.
Acquire a database of Several Thousand students attending the exhibitions with their contact details.

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