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FREE Mobile Phone
Interlink has arranged for their students to receive a free mobile phone, which is an unbelievable value exclusive to the students of Interlink

Faced with a growing demand for post-secondary education and limited resources, students are now looking towards foreign universities to bridge the projected gap. This demand is reflected by the tens of thousands of students travelling abroad every year for higher education.

Interlink’s main objective is to ensure that these students are not faced with any difficulties when they arrive in the UK, and during the course of their studies.

Your partnership with us will have a peaceful effect on the many that want to pursue their higher education goals abroad. You will help to promote a universal and equal access to education.

I am proud to create a family of professionals worldwide to make into a global village based on education. All members will be interlinked regardless of their Country, their creed, their race, their religion, their culture and their Language.

Profit in business and money itself should not be the Motto of life, success and promoting your business should be based on honesty and your services to your clients. I believe in working as a team and a family, not a competitor.

It is also in my greatest belief that combining efforts will mark a turning point for our organisations.

Thank you.


Right to use our brand name
Most comprehensive training before you start
Continuous support and development
Help in advertising and promotion
Honest and transparent relationship
Commitment towards quality and interest of the student
Personal involvement in day to day operation.

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