educational exhibition pakistan 2013
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Educational Exhibitions Expos and Fairs Pakistan

Interlink Educational Services promotes Educational Exhibitions, Expos and Fairs in Pakistan creating top class educational forums for local students and visiting colleges and universities

We are proud to start Educational Exhibition in Pakistan with one of UK most professional and experienced educational Exhibitionist. "STUDY CENTRAL" is an established brand name in Educational Exhibitions in Pakistan and worldwide.

Educational Exhibitions in Pakistan with top sponsors

Our Educational Exhibitions in Pakistan will be sponsors by TOP UK organizations. Our Unique Services and top sponsorships from UK will attract students to attend our Educational Exhibitions in Pakistan with large numbers. Pakistan is growing market of potential students ready to study abroad.Education providers can use our Educational Exhibitions in Pakistan to promote their institution, market their courses, and recruit students in Pakistan. Students interested studying in UK will participate in one-on-one meetings with representatives of universities and colleges in our Educational event in Pakistan.

Due to UKBA strict policy on International Students, travel restriction to Pakistan by Foreign and Commonwealth office and political situation in Pakistan, we are regret to postponed our Education Exhibition in January 2013. 

We appreciate and thankful to all our clients who confirmed their participation in our exhibition, who have shown their interest in our exhibition and who made their inquiries for further information regarding our Exhibition.

New dates for our Exhibition would be announce very soon