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Interlink can help students living abroad by helping to budget their money, save money and reduce their financial stress.

Financial advice to students
Guidance to choose the right bank account to avoid disappointment
Save time by making the correct choice with their financial needs
At Interlink we can provide you with a introduction letter for the bank

Opening a bank account will require the right paper work and correct details.

At Interlink we understand the importance of managing money; we appreciate all the difficulties that foreign students face when coming to the UK in particular the financial difficulties. We have the local and industry expertise to advise our students and help them to budget their money so that they afford student life abroad and enjoy their time in the UK by saving money and reducing their financial stresses.

Interlink can help with all your banking needs, this includes advice in finding the right bank account according to your individual needs. Interlink can offer advice on how to approach banks and ensure you are getting a fair deal from the banks.