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We aim to full the needs and demands of students while simultaneously working in accordance to our policies and agreed protocols of universities/colleges, UKBA and other accrediting bodies.

Dear International Student,

I would like to express my deepest heartfelt welcome to Interlink and to the UK.

Being a student myself from a British education system I was fully aware of the importance and immense benefit of a British education, therefore I became inspired and dedicated to offer an outstanding consulting service to international students to help give them the opportunity to study in the UK.

International students travel in large numbers into the UK for study, it is my personal desire and commitment to bring students the personal and high quality service they deserve.

Interlink sets its self apart from the whole industry by becoming the first to offer international students a complete consultancy service by meeting all the needs of the international student from local knowledge and expertise and strong relationships with organisations.

My main goal is to give the students a sense of security and peace of mind to know that Interlink is waiting in the UK to help and support them by working in their best interest.

My aims:

Meet all the needs of the international student, academic, social, entertainment and individual needs

Help students arrive into UK education with reduced stress and hassle

Provide security and peace of mind for the student knowing that Interlink is here for ALL their needs