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Our students are given the opportunity to interact with representative from UK institution providing them first hand advice with the help of our local agents. Click here for more information

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Interlink can easily offer international students local advice and direction regarding their specific food requirements. Such a direct service is only available with Interlink.”

Advice on major supermarkets
Local advice on specific food needs such as ethnic foods
Local advice on take-aways and fast foods
Saving students from making bad choices on the food they eat
Saving students money on their shopping

The UK grocery market includes many players such as ASDA and Tesco. These supermarkets hold a majority share in the grocery market. They have numerous stores throughout the UK, as a student you should find a local branch with ease. Most of the major retail stores have 24 hours opening times, some stores have local branches within neighboring areas.

Some cities may also have smaller local markets which cater specifically to the needs of the international students. These local markets may stock more variety of ethnic foods.

Some students may require ethnic food, which is the food similar to their home country, fortunately Asda and Tesco stock some ethnic food as well.

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