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Cost-Effective Courses

Education and training in Britain can be very cost-effective for students from overseas. Many courses in Britain are shorter and more intensive than those offered by other countries, with most undergraduate courses in Britain taking only three years to complete, as opposed to the usual four, while Diploma and Masters Degrees normally take one year to complete

Undergraduate Foundation

These courses are for students who do not have the requirements to start an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree. The course is for one year and prepares the student to start the Bachelor degree; however admission into the Bachelor degree is dependent on performance. These foundation programmes are course and university specific and are a great way to enter the course and university you want if you do not have the entry requirements. Interlink can help students gain a place at any University and any course in the UK, just get in touch today.

Higher National Certificate/Diploma (HNC/HND)

These are awarded by Vocational and Technical Educational Councils. They offer a 2-year course in a vocational subject like scientific and technical business subjects. Great emphasis is placed on work experience. It is often seen as the first step towards a degree course.

Degree Courses (Bachelor’s degree)

These are normally of three or four years and are largely taught courses, sometimes including the preparation of a short written thesis. One year and two year courses are available where a one year course leads to an undergraduate certificate and a two year course leads to an undergraduate diploma.

Post Graduate

Postgraduate degree usually means a second degree after a first degree, since postgraduate degrees normally have entry requirements as a first degree from a UK university or the equivalent degree from your home country. Postgraduate study may take the form of an independent piece of research under supervision or a taught course, and leads to a variety of degrees and awards. The taught courses normally last for one or sometimes two years. Completion of a doctorate normally takes a minimum of three years. Many post experience courses are also available.

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