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We are a UK based educational consultancy; we offer a revolutionary service both abroad in attracting qualified students and in the UK where we aid in admission process for students and universities/colleges.

We are working closely with the students and our screening process giving assurance to legal bodies and institutions that the students we provide have strong and positive intentions for study in UK.

Our mission is of reshaping the way in which student recruitment works and making this service more convenient and effective than ever seen before.

We are the only educational service provider who arranges educational events sponsors by TOP UK organizations for on spot admission in Asian countries from one platform. Our Unique Services and sponsorships will attract students to attend our Exhibition in large numbers.

I am proud to create a family of professionals worldwide to make into a global village based on education. All members will be interlinked regardless of their Country, their creed, their race, their religion, their culture and their Language.

We print our student Guide book every year and distributed twice a year (50,000 copies each time) free of cost to all students who attend our road shows; this will give Colleges and Universities direct exposure to potential students who wants to come to the UK for study.

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